how to play highway to hell on guitar

this is a video showing how to play highway to hell by AC-DC and tabs are also in this description- e——————————————————| b————–3-3-3—-3-3-3—-3-3-3—-3——| g—2-2-2—-2-2-0—-2-2-0—-2-2-0—-2–2-2-| d—2-2-2—-0-0-0—-0-0-0—-0-0-0—-0–2-2-| a —0-0-0—————————————–0-0-| chorus; this is not how i played the chorus but this is the right way —————-2-2-2-2–3–2——–| —————3-3-3-3–3–3——–| —2-2-2-2–2-2-2-2–0–2——–| —2-2-2-2–0-0-0-0–0–0——–| —0-0-0-0———————–| this is the way i play the chorus ————————-3–2——–| ————————3–3——–| —2—2—2———-0–2——–| —2—2—2———-0–0——–| —0—0—0————————|

Source: YouTube

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