Tanz Yidelik

Tim Sparks plays his arrangement of an old Klezmer tune called ‘Tanz Yidelik’.. Tim teaches how to play this arrangement on his ‘Roots Rags & Blues’ instruction video. It’s one of 6 tunes taught on ‘Roots, Rags & Blues’ are: Amazing Grace Mississippi Blues Victory Rag Maple Leaf Rag The Original Jelly Roll Blues Tanz Yidelik All the tunes are broken down in detail, using split-screen video so you can see fretting and picking hand. Tablature and mp3 are also included with the package. For more details of ‘Roots Rags & Blues’ visit truefire.com ‘Roots, Rags & Blues’ was produced by Steve Elliott of the Acoustic Guitar Workshop and Truefire.com

Source: YouTube

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