Will Berry plays guitar Part 1

Will covers rock and roll hootchie koo and argues with jacob along the way… alot, also a few other songs in their, including stairway to heaven, and probably purple haze, and atleast another led zeppelin song… don’t remember, also one or two of my famous improv solos, i did not practice for this video other than just deciding to make it. I do not have tabs but i could probably make them on request :) stay tuned to see Jacob’s response video which will FAIL! i have only taken lessons for a few months, and all the snow has kept me out of alot of them. I learned to play most of this on my own or with a duo practice with Jacob, who FAILS most of the time, but is my best friend. Rate comment subscribe please, this is unedited video btw* as always with my guitar videos there will be NO editing at all, not even titles, credits, etc.

Source: YouTube

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