Blue Stahli – The pure and the tainted [Guitar cover with tabs]

Here’s my cover of Blue Stahli’s "The pure and the tainted". Awesome song with awesome guitar riffs I hope you like it… Here are the tabs that I’ve made for this song..some of the riffs are not exact the same as in the song this is just the way i play it ! ENJOY !!! Tuning: Drop D Riff 1 E|—————————————————–| B|—————————————————–| G|——1h3-1h3—————————————-| D|–3-3———–3-4–3-4–3-1/3——-4————–| A|–3-3———–3-4–3-4–3-1/3–333–4—3-4–3-6—| D|–3-3———–3-4–3-4–3-1/3–333–4—3-4–3-6—| PMPM Riff 2 E|——————————| B|——————————| G|——————————| D|——————————| A|–3-3–33-33—3-3-33-339/3–| D|–3-3–33-33—3-3-33-339/3–| PM PMPM PMPMPMPMPM Riff 3 E|—————————–|———————-| B|—————————–|———————-| G|—————————–|———————-| D|——–5/6——3/5–55-55–|———————-| A|–0000–3/4–00–1/3–33-33–|–000–1-1–3-3–1-1–| D|–0000——-00————–|–000–1-1–3-3–1-1–| PMPM PM PMPM PMPM PMPM PMPM

Source: YouTube

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