Undestrucable (Gogol Bordello bass cover)

Here’s my favorite song by a not so well-known band known as Gogol Bordello. I think everyone should definitely check "Through the Roof n’ Undergoround" by them. More cut-down no bass (I think), but overall a great song a possibly more accessible. Obviously, this is not indestructable (Disturbed), so all you metalheads (though metal is good) can leave or get out of your comfort zone I did this mostly by ear and guitar tabs, as there is no bass tabs, so I can’t guarantee it’s accuracy. Plus, I defintely through some notes int he chorus for fun’s sake. But it gets the basics of the song down in my opinion. This song is intellectual property of Gogol Bordello and their label, is done for my own entertainment and commentary, and entirely non-profit purposes.

Source: YouTube

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