Less Than Perfect (F*ckin’ Perfect)-P!nk Acoustic Guitar Tutorial (Beginner)

Hey, ya’ll! So here is my beginner guitar tutorial for P!nk’s song Less Than Perfect (F*ckin’ Perfect). This was filmed with my webcam because I was lazzzyyyyy! Also, i know you use more advanced chords for the real version but this is my BEGINNER version, not professional. NO CAPO! YA STANDARD TUNING CHORDS: G: 1st finger/ 2nd string/ 2nd fret 2nd finger/ 1st string / 3rd fret 3rd finger / 6th string /3rd fret Dsus4-(use as) D: 1st finger/ 4th string /2nd fret 2nd finger/ 6th string/ 2nd fret 3rd finger / 5th string/ 3rd fret Em7 Em: 1st finger / 2nd string/ 2nd fret 2nd finger/ 3rd string / 2nd fret Cadd9 (no other way to play): 1st finger / 5th string /1st fret 3rd finger/ 2nd string / 3rd fret LINK TO TABS: tabs.ultimate-guitar.com I forgot the strumming pattern cause I was running out of time: Verse: D Chorus DUD DD U UUD Just go with the flow =_)

Source: YouTube

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