[Team Cena Music] Foolin’ – Bass Cover w/ RB3 Pro Chart [dogfoodnyc]

I am still very rusty. Will try to do better next time. Basically you are looking at the Pro Bass Chart in Expert level. I originally tried to use the Mustang Pro Guitar and soon realized it was not practical at all to use it since I am just not comfortable playing without real strings. So instead I just use the chart in practice mode and serve it as my bass tabs. Much more credit goes to the chart since it is by far the most extensive one out there. If you search for Foolin’ bass tabs online, there are about two and either one of them gives you an accurate chart of the song. Oh, and I think I got about 91% on the real run with bad calibration. Maybe I can go fix it later this week ^_^ Foolin’ – Def Leppard For more info about TC Music, here’s the official website: teamcena.com

Source: YouTube

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