Xavion – Eat Your Heart Out drum cover – Crappy Beginner Drummer’s (56 days) Revenge

Welcome to my mid-life crisis. 56 days ago I woke up and decided I had to have a drum set. And boy is it fun, although lately work and a weekend in the mountains have been slowing me down a bit. I don’t expect anyone to understand why I picked this song. But I have always thought it had a great drum/bass combo ever since my sister and I first saw it on Friday Night Videos back in 1984 when videos were only on late on Friday nights (MTV had started, but not many people had cable). Anyway, not so keen on the spandex that also went along with the song, but the rhythm stuck with me. Since nobody on youtube appears to have covered this song before, and I couldn’t find any drum tabs of it, I started to pick it apart by ear. I rapidly became confused, so I went at looked at the old video (youtube search it, it’s there amazingly). It then became obvious, from the parts where you can see the drummer, that there is an overlay for the tom fills. He played the "theme" all the way through and then the fills were overlaid. So, having already started to learn it that way, what I have done is, within reason, tried to replicate the two tracks on one. This basically amounts to trying to keep a lot of the snare hits along with the fills. I didn’t go overboard with this, and dropped a few where it was too difficult, but it was a fun exercise. I also had fun with tuning the drum set, and hope I have succeeded in getting an outrageous 80s electronic tom sound. I am less happy with the kick <b>…</b>

Source: YouTube

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