Spurt(Pokemon): Guitar Chords Cover

*READ THIS OR SATOSHI WILL STILL BAKURAS CLOTHES AND ABANDON PIKACHU!!!!* Sucky recording is sucky! as well as bad guitar playing. ya i kno im not the greatest guitar player in the world but i thought since no one( that i kno of) has posted a cover for this song yet, why not? sadly i dont hav an electric guitar or kno the main guitar notes and such but i believe these chords are almost right. i did this purely by ear so some parts may b off. for the chords, u can visit my blog: thevideoandanimegamingnerd.edublogs.org the main reason i made a lot of mistakes is that sadly my computer has been having a habit of speeding up my video recordings by at least 0.5x. so i may sound off sync becuz of this but i hop u enjoy it anyway. if u kno any chords that might sound better plz let me kno! Spurt by Rica Matsumoto Pokemon belongs to Nintendo Yu-Gi-Oh! belongs to Kazuki Takahanshi

Source: YouTube

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