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I still remember when I pretended to play guitar when I listened my favorite song, and I have to be honest, many years later, I still pretend to dominate the rock guitar as an expert. I can’t tell you why I never got guitar lessons before, I am not that young now, maybe too old to be a guitar beginner, maybe too old to just start to get guitar lessons, but at the end, you are never too old or too young to start in what you like.

I always wanted to play acoustic guitar like Dust in the wind song, or jam the electric guitar on Jimmy Hendrix style, well… that goal will be very difficult to achieve if I don’t get a guitar lesson, no matter if I choose the simplest guitar song. Navigating in the internet, I found a guitar tutorial that cost me $80 and I learned nothing, so, I thought… I will never learn to play the guitar… this is like rocket science.

After some internet researching I found a couple of programs about to learn to play guitar: Jamorama and Guitar Superstars. Both programs are beyond that complicated acoustic guitar tutorial, just I can’t believe how easy it is, the thing about this, is the way you learn, if are not having fun learning to play guitar, just don’t even thing to get one.
Let’s talk about these two programs:

This is more a guitar for beginners program, it is a very good resource if you need to lay a foundation with the fundamentals of guitar, like learning to tune, how to hold the guitar, basic chords, strumming patterns, and some scales. If you’ve already got a good handle on these things you may consider get other guitar learning program more advance.

Guitar Superstars

This online series of lessons, videos, and jam tracks is designed to make you a better player without the boring hours of practicing chord progressions. It cuts right to the heart of guitar playing and teaches you how to build your left hand strength, work your fret board properly, string your guitar, and focus on really playing what you want to play. Guitar Superstars will teach you how to read guitar music and it covers all the basics of playing the guitar. But it also teaches you how to convert those basics into your own playing style very quickly. You may need to have some basic guitar foundation to get the 100% of this program. The course comes with prerecorded jam tracks that you can download to play your guitar with and learn how to play with other people easily. These jam tracks are for every style imaginable for any method of playing. All of them are compatible with every lesson featured in guitar superstars.

Well, at the end we are not going to be another Jimmy Hendrix or a younger Carlos Santana, but definitively you will improve your guitar skills with these programs, and don’t know what you think about it, but I enjoy to play guitar, acoustic guitar or electric guitar if it is a real one, I never been comfortable playing Guitar Hero, not my style.

Click here if you want to check more details about these two products.

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