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 Peoples schedules are more hectic than they’ve ever been before.  Learning to play guitar or any other musical instrument often takes a back seat to work schedules, family life, childrens afterschool activities and so on.  In fact for many people learning the guitar online is their only option.  If you’re one of these people the good news is your only option to learn the guitar has options.

There are two categories of online guitar courses: paid online guitar courses and free online guitar courses.  If you’re wondering why I’ve even mentioned paid guitar courses when there are free courses availible, always remember you get what you pay for. 

I don’t say that to discredit a person who puts out a free video to help someone through the kindness of their heart,  but think of it this way:  If you get something for free and it doesn’t work correctly, do you complain to the person who was nice enough to give it to you for nothing in the first place? 

Most of us would take it with a grain of salt and move on realizing that we didn’t invest anything, therefore nothing was lost.  This is dangerous thought process when learning to play guitar. 



Unfortunately some of the people who put out the free videos aren’t qualified to do so.  They might even be a great guitar player, but not such a great teacher.  That’s why the lessons are free and theres nothing wrong with that.  What you need to realize is that these are just to give you a very brief sample of guitar playing. 


 By nature these courses aren’t meant to teach you all the ins and outs of guitar playing.  If they did put all the work into making a great guitar course I’m sure they would charge a fair price for the work they put into the product.  To clarify, these lessons are not intended to teach you everything about the guitar, just the very basics.

  If you just want to learn some guitar basics and that’s it, by all means check out the free online courses.  Some aspiring guitar players just want to play around with a guitar for fun.  Most people out there do offer a great deal of knowledge for beginners free of charge. 


 However, if you’d like to eventually be an advanced guitar player, some of the free lessons could hinder your progress as a musician.  Even with the best free lessons available, you will need better guitar lessons to get beyond the basics of playing the guitar.

  Lets say you start out on any given free online guitar lessons today.  You will likely complete the first four lessons before dusk.  Usually four or five lessons is the most offered for free and they are typically ten minutes or less. 


  After these initial lessons you will either subscribe to pay for more lessons or simply move on to the next set of free lessons.  The next lessons will offer you almost the exact same information as your first lessons with the same end result.  You subscribe to their paid lessons or move on to more free guitar lessons. 


  This is a vicious cycle that will surely have you spinning your wheels without actually moving forward.  Going to a dozen different courses to learn the same amount of information is a waste of time and resources.  The key to being a good guitar player is to constantly learn new techniques and implement them. 


  Paid online courses cost anywhere from $40-$100+ depending on what you’re looking for.  That’s typically a one time fee, but could be a recurring monthly bill.  These range from courses that are strictly for beginners (a person with absolutely no guitar experience) all the way up to advanced and everywhere in between. 


  Depending on what style of guitar the course teaches you, electric, acoustic,classical,etc.., how long the course is and what end result your looking for (beginner,intermediate or advanced) and what kind of videos and bonuses are included all have an outcome on the price. 


Why Free Courses Will Never Be As Good

  When someone pays to put a product on the market to sell there’s a lot of research involved.  A big part of the research of courses or study materials is being user friendly and a solid curriculum.  The problem I find with free online guitat lessons is that the person doing the video has all the best intentions in the world, and probably is very good at playing the guitar, but most of them just aren’t very good teachers. 


  You can’t complain because after all, its free!  however, someone who’s a beginner taking the free course in the hopes he’ll be the next guitar virtuoso doesn’t realize is that those courses may actually be damaging his ability to play.  Most free courses have gaps in the content that often leave you more confused than satisfied.  Avoid added frustrations whenever possible.

  Your online guitar goals should be considered to make a conscientious decision on whether to check out some free guitar courses or shop around and get a good paid course.  If you’re not really serious about the guitar and just want to strum around in your free time I would highly recommend checking out the free courses. 


  If you just want to play for fun try learning tabs.   Tabs guitar will get you playing quickly.  If you have any long term goals I would suggest getting a good paid course as not to damage what musical skill you have.  Spinning your wheels and getting no where may save money, but you won’t be doing yourself any favors.

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Out of all the brand new guitar students, 65% will quit before their third month of lessons.  Why?  Guitar lessons that were ineffective, boring and just plain didn’t work for that person. 

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