Communication Breakdown Cover

ONE MAN ZEPP "ZoSoLo" Led Zeppelin Communication Breakdown Danmarks Radio Version cover. Sorry, I never have any tabs. Guitar : Fender Japan Tele I repainted. Amp : Marshall Super Lead 100 ’71. Vol 5, Treble 6, the others are 10 with a LONDON FUZZ and a VOX V-847. Drums : Ludwig Classic Maple 26, 15, 18. The snare is LM-302. Paiste 2002 14 sound edge, 18 crash, 18 medium and 22 ride. Sound Recording : ROLAND VS-1680. Mic : Sennheiser MD-421 II for the kick, Shure SM-57 for the snare, Rode NT-5 for the top and Shure Beta-57 for the guitar. Video editing : Corel Video Studio Ver 12 plus.

Source: YouTube

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