Parkway Drive – Sleepwalker [Guitar Cover]

This is me playing ‘Sleepwalker’ from the Australian metalcore band Parkway Drive. It’s off from their recent album ‘Deep Blue’. I DO NOT own any rights to this song. Im playing this through my RG 7321 and through my new Pod X3 bean. NOTE: This song is played on a 6 string dropped tuned to A# but i dropped my 7 string to a standard a half step down. So please dont ask me for tabs as I figured this one out by ear (plus its really really easy song to play except for the triplet bits which need a lot of dexerity and thats something I still havent got in me). This is NOT a perfect cover and some parts are improvised (I was bored and I came up with stuff on the fly! :P) Cheers for watching!

Source: YouTube

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