(Celine Dion) My Heart Will Go On – Fingerstyle Cover

Hello everybody!!! Here I play "My Heart Will Go On" by Celine Dion. It is arranged by Nicola Mandorino aka TheGuitarNick. I owe a big thanks to him. I chose this song because it is my Mom’s birthday. This was her favorite song. She passed away in 2003 due to lung cancer and this is probably the biggest birthday present I have given her since then. About the video, I know the quality is pretty bad. I had no microphone. My guitar is a few years old and was only $60. It is very hard to tune because the strings aren’t good. I have broken the strings a few times already trying to tune my guitar. I plan on getting a new guitar in a few months for my birthday and I can’t wait! I hope you guys like it anyway. Please go easy with me. It is my first video of me playing and I am still a beginner. Thanks :) Tabs: www.guitarnick.com Don’t forget to check out my website!!! www.fingerstyleforeverone.webs.com And subscribe(if you want) :)

Source: YouTube

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