Walk Silent Under The Setting Sun – One Day Alone part 3 (C Minor 13th Arpeggio)

One Day Alone, part 3: Walk Silent Under the Setting Sun More an exposition of thematic recursion than a musical composition, I wrote this 4-part series ‘One Day Alone’ to explore just that: what, given one day alone without hinderance from nature or man, would my mind lend itself to? The whole inspiration was 4 bars of piano melody written by my friend that can be heard at the start of this piece, ‘Walk Silent Under the Setting Sun’. I wanted each part to lead into the next without each track sounding the same, so I chose different keys for each and repeated certain themes in the relevant key. These were written on Guitar Pro 5 (with RSE packs, of course) and recorded by Audacity. Images courtesy of JKS Photography. Another grim, misty battle with Audacity and Guitar Pro ensued as I attempted to record this! So we arrive at part 3. I would consider this the most matured of the 4 parts, and it is my personal favourite with only part 4 coming close to this. At about 7 minutes, this is also the longest part. I wanted it to last forever in the same way we humans want sunset to last forever – but knowing that if it were thus, dusk would lose all its romance and solitude. As mentioned before, my friend wrote the first 4 bars of melody and discarded them, only for me to pick them up later and begin this project. This piece has the best epilogue out of all 4, and is certainly the most epic in sound. It was written in C Minor 13th Arpeggio. I would label this genre as atmospheric <b>…</b>

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