Lost In Noons Haze – One Day Alone part 2 (D Minor 13th Arpeggio)

One Day Alone, part 2: Lost in Noon’s Haze More an exposition of thematic recursion than a musical composition, I wrote this 4-part series ‘One Day Alone’ to explore just that: what, given one day alone without hinderance from nature or man, would my mind lend itself to? The whole inspiration was 4 bars of piano melody written by my friend that can be heard at the start of part 3, ‘Walk Silent Under the Setting Sun’. I wanted each part to lead into the next without each track sounding the same, so I chose different keys for each and repeated certain themes in the relevant key. These were written on Guitar Pro 5 (with RSE packs, of course) and recorded by Audacity. Images courtesy of JKS Photography. Recording this took place in several parts, thanks to buggy old Guitar Pro; a saga worthy of a composition in itself! Probably the low point of the four parts, I had a little trouble making this one go anywhere. It has little in the way of original themes, and mainly expands on those it inherited from parts 1 and 3 (as part 3 was written before this). I find this to be rather fitting as midday can really seem to drag on, and I did want to convey this in some way… Perhaps not to this extent, but that is my opinion as it’s progenitor! This was written in D-Minor 13th Arpeggio. I have thought a little about just what genre this would be, as it is much less a black metal piece than part 1. Call it atmospheric doom for now, but if you think of something better let me know! If you <b>…</b>

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