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Ultimate Guitar takes too long, so complete tabs are here: This song is DIFFICULT. Mean, more than intermediate difficulty. I doesn’t have arpeggios from hell but the precision between chords makes it tough. But I use some tips to make it easier. Left guitar: -The first riff: after pinky finger I only remove it from 9th fret right before picking 8th fret (ring finger). If you remove it when picking 5th string 7th fret, you’ll kill the sound (from 3rd string 9th fret) before the correct time. -Same riff (2nd part): Instead of ring/index/pinky finger I used middle/index/ring. Y? Cuz they are the same fingers from part 1 from this riff. It’s much faster to come back (just a slide!) -Chorus (right hand): these are power chords, but from 6th string power chords I use index/rnig/pinky, while from 5th string I only use index/pinky. Changing power chords down and up is much faster this way. *If you listen to the original you’ll see they change power chords almost instantly, as if it was recorded chord-by-chord and put together. That’s why this song is so hard. -Chorus (left hand/struming): if you play constantly down/up 8 times you’ll see this struming is actually up/down/up (not down down up like in the video). But playing "wrong" like this makes it sound differently. Guess Paramore recorded this struming starting with Down. If you watch live show you’ll see bassist Jeremy Davis strums even stranger (down up down) ________________ Right guitar: -On "finger <b>…</b>

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