Arch Enemy – Intermezzo Liberte [COVER+TABS]

The beautiful Intermezzo Liberte by Arch Enemy with Wah, played by neoclassical1985. Enjoy. m/ Gear used: Jackson DK (forget the model I sold this guitar ages ago) Boss ME-50 (Also sold this and upgraded to the GT-8) Peavey Bandit 112 (That amp sucks I upgraded that as well) As for the video, its horrible quality because I actually recorded it on and old old sony ericson cell phone, but the playing was decent. I recently discovered there is a tab for this on, however there wasn’t any availiable when I learned it by ear shortly after the Rise of the Tyrants album was released. Amott brothers ROCK the shit, Im a huge fan. I plan on re-recording this with a better camera soon. If you like any of my stuff please subscribe, It will motivate me to put up new material!

Source: YouTube

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