Drive – Incubus Live Acoustic by Tommy Knox

Check out my digital albums and mp3’s at My new channel! Show your love and support for Shealeigh Voitl! She is awesome! Add me on Facebook and follow me on Twitter Drive is an all time classic song and Incubus is great. I’ve had this song requested so many times…I figured I might as well give it a shot! Thank goodness it’s going to be one of the last fuzzy webcam vids and HQ is on the wayyyy! The chords are pretty easy and tabs aren’t really neeeded …they are like this Em 079070 D x57070 C x35050 A 002200 Pretty basic…barre chords leaving the G string open basically! I learned this by playing along with the Drive – Incubus Official Music Video drive incubus live acoustic tommy knox guitar tommyknox99 with tabs chords how to play new song single official music video album digital channel tommyknoxofficial shealeigh voitl

Source: YouTube

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