Shira E. – This City Got Legs

Where in the world is Shira Sandiego? This video was made especially for the Attendees of the 1st Mrs. Friend’s Secret Parade – featuring The Whirlwind Company with Shira E on March 1st of the year 2011. The Non-attendees and Maybe-attendees may also view this video, but unfortunately there is a slight possibility that they will not be bequeathed with eternal good fortune (in the form of spontaneous back massages from beautiful strangers, free tea at favored establishments, and lots of free gold from tired pirates). The pervious predictions cannot be verified, and may contain harmful ingredients, however the person typing it is very sensual. "This City Got Legs" copyright Shira E. 2011 for guitar tabs contact: for free gold: Filmed by Rae Unicorn Maltz

Source: YouTube

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