Where To Find Guitar Tablature On The Internet

Guitar tablature (for those who don’t know) is a notation that looks somewhat like sheet music, but it is actually a six-line staff that represents the guitar fretboard. A note is represented on the staff by a number. Combined with actual music notation, guitar tablature makes sight reading a breeze, and you can learn songs much more quickly then by trying to sight read music on its own.

Here are some of my favorite places to find guitar tablature. For the most part, you have 3 different options.

1) Downloading indivdual guitar tablature songs or albums.

I prefer this method because you can download individual songs with guitar tablature one at a time as opposed to buying the whole songbook.

Musicnotes has a pretty decent selection. To view their selection of guitar tablature, you’ll need to download the music notes viewer which allows you to preview and browse the store. Then, when you find the sheet music you’re looking for, you can download the Musicnotes player which gives you MIDI playback that allows you to adjust the tempo.

Sunhawk.com is also another site that is similar and has been around for a long time now.

2) Getting guitar tablature songbooks from an online store

The above sites have songbooks too, but for guitar tablature songbooks, SheetMusic Superstore has the best selection…the reason is that they use Amazon’s search results…go figure :-). I’ve found books here that I bought 10 years ago that I’ve never found anywhere else.

3) Find it free on free tab sites

This is probably the most popular method, but I don’t like it as much for the main reason is that so many of the tabs are not accurate at all. But if you’re interested in finding free guitar tabs, then simply type “free guitar tabs” into Google and you’ll find hundreds of sites that host them. You’ll see most of the tabs on each site are the same.

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