A+ MIDI Guitar + Guitar Pro 6 = Dirt cheap way to input notes for quick tablature creation

Last time, I showed you how to quickly input notes into Guitar Pro using the cheapest Hardware MIDI guitar on the market, the YouRock Guitar ($199). Today, I present an even more affordable method. A+ MIDI Guitar is a software MIDI Guitar on the iOS platform. It’s only $10 right now in the App Store. With this little piece of software, you can tap in the world of MIDI music. It controls all the instruments in DAWs (digital audio workstation) like Garageband, Reason, Kontakt, Kore, Ableton Live, Logic as well as Guitar Pro 6.0. Guitar Pro 5.0 works as well but Guitar Pro 6.0 is recommended. Here I demonstrate how quickly I was able to tab a good portion of Eric Clapton’s Tears in Heaven in matters of minutes. It would’ve taken at least 2 hours if I had to input everything by hand using the number pad. So if you own Guitar Pro 5 or 6, this app is a MUST HAVE. A pocket-size MIDI guitar controller is simply awesome for guitarists who dislike keyboard controllers. Please help spread the word to all your guitar playing friends with iPhone/iTouch/iPad. They will love this app for sure. I myself love it. I don’t use my YouRock Guitar anymore because this app responds better. Please rate, comment, and subscribe. Thank you.

Source: YouTube

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