Danza Arabe(tab) – Sabicas

Danza Arabe by Sabicas, transcribed myself by ear as played by Grisha Goryachev. This is the unfinished result of the tab I’ve written down, I wasn’t able to finish the entire piece, but wrote down a good amount. You can find the tab on ultimate-guitar under Sabicas, I’ll be uploading that real soon. I have to compile together all the tab pieces to this song, I got quite a mess hahah. Enjoy playing this amazing piece! Unfortunately, I didn’t get the chance to make a video recording. This is from a previous audio recording I had done about May 2010, based on the tab I’ve posted. I don’t have access to a guitar or recording equipment right now so this is the best I can give. The tab isn’t perfect, but if you can play it, I’m sure you can do the rest

Source: YouTube

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