Guitar Tablature Lessons: The Fastest Way To Play Songs!

Guitar Tablature Lessons

There are basically two ways of writing music and reading it to play. You can either use standard musical notation which takes awhile to memorize or you can use guitar tablature. By reading guitar tablature, you need virtually no knowledge of musical note reading, which is why it is a favorite among guitar players.

Guitar tablature is very easy to understand because it is displayed like a chart. It shows you exactly where to put your hands by numbering the certain frets that need to be played and on which string.

There are six lines in guitar tablature, exactly like the six strings on your guitar. The highest line or string at the top of the chart is the high E string. And it continues from there. Here is a chart to make it a little easier.

Guitar Tablature Lessons

This layout is exactly like the strings on your guitar in standard tuning. The numbers indicate what fret you are playing. The number 0 always indicates when a string is playing “open,” meaning the string is played with your hand on none of the frets.

So, if we take this example of guitar tablature lessons, we see that the order goes like this:

Open G string——2nd Fret on G string—Open G String—-2 Fret D String

and on from there. Start by playing the pattern slowly and as you get used to reading the guitar tabs, you can pick up your speed. For more lessons like this, please check out the Jamorama Guitar System.

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