Free Country Guitar Tablature – Where Do You Get It?

This is a brief note on how to sort through free country guitar tablature and use it to start yourself off as a guitar player. Some of the biggest solo artists in history have been country artists. Garth Brooks springs to mind immediately. But country music is not unique to the USA. Australia has country legends like Slim Dusty and James Blundell. Canada boasts Hank Snow, Shania Twain and Anne Murray. There are also country artists in Russia, The Middle East, England and Germany.

If you are a country music fan and want to learn how to play country songs on your guitar, you could start with this list of country standards as a beginning for your repertoire:

Achey Breaky Heart
Am I That Easy To Forget?
Deep In The Heart Of Texas
Bonaparte’s Retreat
Folsom Prison Blues
Coward Of The County
King Of The Road
Green, Green Grass Of Home
You Are My Sunshine
Wabash Cannonball

As the internet is constantly changing I will be giving you the names only for these free country tab sites. If you type the names into Google or the address bar of your browser you will get to the site and you should be able to navigate to the appropriate page. It works, I have tried it.

Cowboy Lyrics is a site that has lyrics for country songs, guitar tablature for popular country songs, chord and sheet music. You can search through the genres of western swing, traditional country, progressive and outlaw songs, folk music, bluegrass, country gospel and, of course, cowboy songs.

The free country guitar tabs section at Love To has all the material you need to become a country guitar player. Their free country guitar tablature will have you playing your favorite songs in no time. is a huge repository of information and tutorials on any subject under the internet sun. In the country music archive you will find a range of guitar tabs, chords and lyrics sorted according to the artist’s name. There is also a list of the top five hundred country songs and the top two hundred most influential albums.

There is a large archive of guitar and bass tablature at There is also a comprehensive guide telling you how to read tabs. Visitors can also submit tabs that are not included in the collection.

Country boasts that it is the best music resource for tabs, lyrics and chords for your favorite country artist.

Tab is another site with a collection of free country guitar tablature. This site offers you the latest and hottest country guitar tabs without moving from your seat. You can read the tabs online or download them to keep. The tabs are filed under the name of the artist and by the titles of songs. Another feature is the lists available that show top rated country guitar tablature and the latest tabs added to the site. If all this is not enough, Tab Country is an online community where you can meet other country guitar players, share your knowledge and ask for advice.

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