“The Way She Moves” – Sami May (Original) Piano Version

This was my first ever attempt of actually taking a song I wrote called "The Way She Moves", which was originally just me singing over an instrumental from Vybe Beatz, and creating my own piano accompaniment. I know it’s extremely slow, rough, and a few wrong notes but I’m uploading it to show where I was at with my piano playing back in 2009 and where I’m at today in 2011 (see my other videos for piano covers). I play piano mainly by ear, as bass clef is totally foreign to me. I am a saxophonist, trumpeter, and know a bit of guitar so I can read treble clef just fine– but with piano I feel more accomplished when I decide I’m going to figure out how to play a song on piano and I do it all by ear, even if it takes me 10x as long to figure everything out than if I just looked up tabs online. Anyway, please "thumbs up", comment, & subscribe! And here are my links, incase you are interested: Twitter: www.twitter.com MySpace: www.myspace.com Tumblr: www.samimaysway.tumblr.com Facebook www.facebook.com

Source: YouTube

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