3 Mindset That You Should Know While Learning How to Play Guitar

Actually playing the guitar is like a mind game. Yes of course.Why? First of all, I will explain somethings . Perhaps you, your friends, or anyone even me, when learning how to play guitar always meet obstacles. I would say, you will meet constraints, for sure. And many more factor that can take effect.

From many obstacles that we faced in playing guitar, we often feel frustrated, right? Or at least that’s what me and my students experienced. Some of them have said, I’m not talented, I’m busy, I’ve tried but still can not play with right, I’m not good at playing the guitar might be easier to play other instruments and bla bla.

And when they meet these constraints, they become lazy and they finally surrendered. It is unfortunate that when learning something but not completed, or at least not yet achieved what we desired.

There are things behind it all is the basis and principle before you start learning how to play guitar or maybe just to motivate you in the future

  1. I remembered a song from Radiohead, anyone can play guitar. Of course, this is a powerful mindset. You must know that anyone can play guitar. And of course this was proven. I have many students, and wonderful of all them have a different personality. But, the question is, are they all talented? No. But at the end they all can play their guitar very well. And they enjoy playing their guitar. So, make a *note* in yourself that “anyone can play guitar”

  2. For what? You must have a purpose in learning how to playing your guitar. You are confused, its ok. I will make it simple. Try answer this question. Who is your favorite guitarist? Who is your favorite band? What is your favorite song? Do you want to play your favorite songs in front of family, friends, girlfriends, even for an concert? If you can play your favorite song, will you write a song? Songs for the people you care about, or will you record it and sell it? Or you could just combine, like me, I want to adept playing guitar and please my life (playing guitar because it is fun and additive), make songs, and also I use my skills for teaching.

  3. Discipline and practice. If you have a goal, of course you have to be discipline. Playing guitar in addition to the notion of theory, are required practice. Practice and practice. Create a schedule for practice session , you do not have to have time off for hours every day just to practice playing the guitar. You can divide it three times a day, and between 10-15 minutes each session. If you have a goal then you must have discipline, because you want to be able how to play your guitar fast, and get advance.


Maybe you could add some. However, three things can help your obstacles in learning to play guitar. Always remember, Can anyone play guitar, for what?, discipline and practice when you found any constraints



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