Good Day (Angels and Airwaves cover)

FAQ for the interested: 1. I arranged the song by ear and I’m not gonna tab it out; it’s in B major, so I play it with a capo on the 4th fret. Most of the song is spent on some form of open G. 2. Guitar and vocal are going into an M-Audio Fast Track USB interface and being multitracked with Cakewalk SONAR 8. 3. It’s all one take with the exception of one vocal note somewhere that I overdubbed (2:33 "good"). 4. The guitar is being run through NI Guitar Rig 3. 5. The vocals have reverb, EQ, compression, and – yes – some autotune. I would be inclined to refer to it as ‘fine-tuning’, as opposed to the glitchy, robotic auto-tune that’s saturating pop music. My original album "Live Now, Live Forever" (2008) listen on Youtube: get it on iTunes get it on Amazon let’s get it on Facebook: Music: Personal:

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