So, You Want To Learn To Play Guitar?

Maybe you are a Guitar Hero game player, but now you think you want to learn to play a real guitar? The guitar hero game is fun, but it doesn’t teach you to play the guitar. Maybe you’ve been thinking that to be able to play the guitar and perform for others would be something you’d like to do.

Learning to play an instrument takes work – you don’t really get to “play” at it until you learn the basics and practice. Then, after you’ve learned to play some chords and you’ve learned a song or two, the fun starts. I know because I learned to play the guitar when I was ten years old! I learned to play some chords that you can use for many songs. That is a good way to start – you’ll feel that you accomplished something. For example, if you learn these chords: C, G. and D, there are many, many easy guitar songs that use them.

Online videos teach you various things such as tuning the guitar and changing strings (and look up the parts of the guitar – it’s good to learn that). There are beginner lessons on videos that can teach about guitar chords.

How hard is it to learn a song?

When I learned to play guitar, I had a guitar teacher and used some guitar chord books. Now that was quite a while ago and today there are so many other options to get guitar lessons for beginners. I know that the online lessons are good. But this has not changed: a quick way to learn is to learn one song. After that, learning the second and third song will be much easier!

What kind of guitar should you have?

Lots of beginning guitar players start with an acoustic guitar and many start with what is considered a classical guitar.(See this article about guitars).  A basic difference between those two types of guitars is the kind of strings – acoustic guitars have steel strings and classical (or folk) guitars have nylon strings. Believe me, the nylon strings are much easier to start out with because they don’t hurt your fingers as much!

Either kind of guitar is great to learn to play with. Some people start with electric guitar, especially if their goal is to play electric guitar in a rock band. For some kinds of music, an acoustic guitar is better, you’ll just have to decide what kind of music you want to play and get the guitar that is best for it.

So, go get a guitar, but don’t get a really cheap one. Make sure you hear the guitar played first. If you have to get someone in the guitar store to play it, then do that. Or take a friend with you that knows about guitars. Then, start learning your first song. You will become your own guitar hero!

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