Dethklock – Hatredcopter – Guitar cover

Me playing "Hatredcopter" from Dethklock’s 2007 Dethalbum. Excuse my mistakes!! The sound quality is horrid, so sorry. I learned it by ear; I can’t read tabs!! So it’s not actually the way you play it…but hey, it’s my cover!! Leave a comment to tell me i rock!! or to tell me i suck!! Either way, check out my channel, SUBSCRIBE OR DIE!!! And be sure to check out the other cool channels like riderBasista, BlueteamTV, JWG1994, whitefieldtheband and tons more!! Thanx for watching my vid!! Gear: Epiphone Les Paul Standard Plain Top, Epiphone Studio 105, Boss NS2 Noise suppressor, Monster Cable, Ernie Ball "Slinky Top Heavy Bottom" Strings, Snarling Dog "BRAIN" Picks

Source: YouTube

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