In Flames Cover The Mirror’s Truth

Hey Folks! it’s been a while since the last cover. but here we are ! In Flames – The Mirror’s Truth cover. (Sorry for the crap video) I used In Flames guitar lessons from Metalkult. For the drum track i used a guitar pro tab! Comment, rate & share ! PS : i’m not jesus and for the bunch of retards, i don’t have a fuck*ng twin. Gear: Guitar: Gibson Flying V Strings: D’addario 63-12 Tuning: Drop A Bass: Recorded with a Ibanez SR 1005 EFM Amp: ENGL SE 4×12 Engl vintage (V30) in a Iso Box Recording with: Shure SM7 through API A2D Recording Software: Steinberg Cubase 5 Drums: Toontrack SuperiorDrummer Video Editing: Sony Vegas pro 10 Stay Tuned!

Source: YouTube

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