Preludio de adios – Alfonso Montes (cover)

DESCRIPTION BELOW: Why I did this and why it ain’t that well played. The last three days I went onto chatroulette with my guitar just for fun. I played stuff similar too ‘dreamy improvisation’ and regular blues or some Guns n Roses. Most of the people click next in just a second. Some listen and chat and then after an half hour chatroulette freezes and they are gone which was a bummer, twice. But one time I bumped into another guy with a guitar. He was playing this classical guitar sounding things and I was amazed. I put my guitar aside because I was like "shit" compared to this guy. He gave me a little lesson on sweep picking and also gave me a tab of a classical guitarpiece. I never did play anything that didn’t involved a pick besides stairway to heaven or nothing else matters. But I wanted to learn to play this song because it was sounding nice. I did that today and I know it’s far away from perfection but this one is just for that guy who teached me my first live online lesson. Thanks for reading and/or listening.

Source: YouTube

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