Ibong Sawi played by Joel S. Malit

This is my second time to record this piece since I first recorded it in 1995. I arranged this piece in 1994 and put it in tablature form to my own prefered fingerings. This arrangement was based on a cassette tape by Juan Silos Jr. This piece was also included in my 1995 audio cassette recordings together with other kundiman pieces that I have also arranged based on a cassette audio by Pedro Concepcion. I have re-written these collections again last year plus some more other albums by Pedro Concepcion that were given to me by Mr. Mar Mendoza. He is the one who persuade me to continue my guitar arrangements or transcriptions. I have finished almost all the songs, but I need to add some orchestral part in some of the pieces….although I can also play those pieces even without those missing parts. But before completing that final touches of checking and editing….I got bored and hated all that Kundiman pieces. I never picked-up the guitar for a long time….until only today. Please excuse my mistakes and lots of squeaks of the bass strings, it’s hard to play a clean guitar sound without practice and warm-ups. Besides, I’m still suffering from pain in my left hand…specially the fingers that were badly deformed and affected by arthritis. I played this piece publicly in some schools in Cavite, and in 1995 in some cities of Germany, Austria and Belgium. This piece is still one of my favorite to play in guitar….and I hope that someday I can record it with lyrics to be <b>…</b>

Source: YouTube

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