Bowser’s Theme on Guitar

This is one of my favorite covers I’ve done so far. This song is just reallllly epic. I have a goal for myself that I get a new cover out every three weeks. I’m not saying it’ll be on time all the time. It’s just what I’m aiming for. So please comment, like, subscribe, and enjoy! Thanks for watching! 😀 Mp3: Tabs: Coming soon… Super Mario 64 Bowser’s Theme Koji Kondo Nintendo All Guitars: DADGBE Drums: Toontrack EZDrummer All Guitar Sounds: Line 6 Podfarm Lead and Rhythm: Charvel So-Cal Bass: Fender J Bass Strumming: Paul Reed Smith SE Singlecut Wah-wah Pedal: Boss V-Wah Camera: Sony Handycam Interface: Line 6 UX1 Music Program: Garageband

Source: YouTube

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