The Pillows – Scarecrow Cover (Sawao Yamanaka)

This is just a first product version of the song I’m working on covering, It’s lower quality and it has the clip from the music video at the end, I think that’s the only difference. The other video should be up sooner than later, but I don’t really know at this point, because youtube said it would take 507 minutes to upload the 4 gig verison yesterday, and this morning it said 515 minutes. So idk where thats going. Anywhozle, here ya go. I know there are 2 screw ups and it’s not a perfect cover, but what do you expect? I’m not Sawao Yamanaka (also some bits of improv). This was done with a webcam, so please excuse the lack of video quality. The only thing I was aiming to get better was the guitar sound, not so much the video quality, but never the less, I hope it doesnt bother anyone. You may notice I keep looking at the cam… well I’m not really looking at it, I have the music video going for this on screen, and I like it, so i watched it a little bit as I played. Probably why I screwed up twice, but oh well, whatever. ALSO! I can’t read music, so it’s all done by ear. Let me know if you want tabs, and I’ll try and score it out for ya.

Source: YouTube

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