Alice Nine – Eraser (イレイザー) (solo guitar cover with tabs)

best to copy and paste this to a notepad toggle switch on 1 neck / = slide up = slide down played on a 6 string, 22 fret, 8-46 gauge (very thin so i could tune up, necesarry for solo) A4|9-9-6-6-7-7—–6-6——————————-9–/14–/16 E4|————9-9—–7-7-9-9-6-6-7-7———–7————– B3|—————————————-7——————– A4|/22-22-19-19-20-20——-19-19—————————————19–20–22-14 E4|——————-22-22——-20-20-22-22-19-19-20-20———-22—————– B3|———————————————————–20———————-

Source: YouTube

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