How to Play Beast and the Harlot Solo (Slow)

Sorry if you thought that this was a video where I would name every little fret, but it’s not. I’m just playing it slow, because most people can learn something by just watching it. I messed up like a lot, but I was just goofing around, and I was in the mood to upload, so don’t make any harsh comments. Yeah, so here’s my gear: Schecter Damien FR Elite Boss Metal Zone MT-2 Settings- Equalizer 1- Top knob, 10, bottom knob, 10 Equalizer 2-Top knob, 0, bottom knob, roughly 5 Distortion- 10 Amp: Peavey Envoy 110 Transtube 40 Watt Amp. I got the pedal from some company on eBay for around $30 off, I got the guitar from Musicians Friend ( and the amp from Sigler Music ( my local music store). I learned the solo from a video on here, but you can get the tabs at Thanks for watching!

Source: YouTube

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