[Lyrics Video] Darling Parade – Perfectly Worthless

Lyrics video I created for Perfectly Worthless by Darling Parade. Since I couldn’t find any lyrics online I added the lyrics myself and I made sure I got them right, so there shouldn’t be any mistakes. Formed in early 2007 against an unlikely backdrop of fields, Darling Parade was created as an offshoot of a recording project by lead vocalist Kristin Kearns, and Adam Gooch. It took over two years for the Pop/Rock group to be finalized with the addition of Casey Conrad on drums, and Nate Thurston on bass guitar. If you would like to download this song Darling Parade is offering it free on their official Facebook page. Just click the link below and click the free music tab to download the song. www.facebook.com www.myspace.com www.reverbnation.com itunes.apple.com

Source: YouTube

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