Architects – Btn Guitar Cover

A guitar cover of Btn by Architects from their album ‘The Here and Now’. There isn’t a tab for this yet, so I learnt it by ear – I’m sure some parts of it aren’t correct, but I did my best! Any suggestions, feel free to let me know. Recorded via line-in with Ableton Live and some VSTs (Nick Crow’s 8505 Amp Sim into Voxengo Boogex Cab Sim with Catharsis Impulses). Going to be ordering an SM57 this week to actually record my amps, right now the microphone I have doesn’t do the VHT Deliverance any justice whatsoever. Guitar: ESP LTD EC401FM with EMG81 / 60. Nick Crow’s Lab: Catharsis Impulses:

Source: YouTube

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