Rammstein – Spiel Mit Mir – Guitar Cover

So.. A new cover online and this time it’s Spiel Mit MIr from Rammstein. I learned this song in about 10 – 20 minutes by ear. Only 1 part is learned with tabs. For the guys who want tabs for this song: www.ultimate-guitar.com NOTE: I didn’t write those tabs. They’re from them who tabbed it. The tuning for this song is standart. So ( E, A, D, G, B, E ) The notes in the beginning from the song before the real guitar starts so the keyboards from Flake are on the D string 14th fret 2 times so E, E, then on the G string 1 time 16th fret B and 1 time 15th fret A#. Repeat the notes E, E on the 14tf fret of the D string and then 1 time 16th fret B note, 15th fret A# note and at last the 14th fret A note. G string. If you liked this video you may subscribe to my channel. -NWO.

Source: YouTube

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