Breaking Benjamin – So Cold (Guitar Cover)

(12/27/10) I recorded this cover of Breaking Benjamin’s "So Cold" because I love this song. This video was made about an hour after I first learned the song so yeah, it’s kinda crappy, so don’t be too harsh in the comments. I’m hoping to re-record this song later and post it for all the fans who love this song. But i just wanted to feed those of you who are clamoring for something new while we are in the studio. BTW: This song is in an alternate tuning. Can’t remember if it’s Drop C or Drop C# but when played in that tuning it sounds like it’s supposed to! COMMENT, RATE , SUBSCRIBE!!! :) Equipment: Shecter Diamond Series Line 6 Spider Jam (Megadeth Holy Wars Distortion Tone) Tabs from Ultimate-Guitar JVC EVERIO (Video Camera)

Source: YouTube

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