Amasic – All I Want (Acoustic Guitar Cover)TABS,LYRICS[HQ]

Song : All I Want Artist : Amasic Album : All I Want – EP PS : Sorry for all the time without doing any covers, i didn’t have the time, anyway, nobody cares about what i’m saying now , i think i have 13 followers… XD. BTW : Subscribe… EQUIPMENT(*mean used in the cover) : GUITARS : Gibson Les Paul Junior Satin White BEHRINGER V-TONE *Yamaha F325 Acoustic Guitar* Tabs Tuning : Standard (Capo 1) GUITAR : Janick’s account : Go download Amasic’s CD on Itunes Injustice : What Will It Take : For You And Me (Single) : All I Want – EP : LYRICS : Verse 1: I’ve never hide I always tried, Until the day, the day when our two worlds collided. I closed my eyes then realized, You were the one, the one who showed me how to love. Chorus: There’s nothing I wont do, I’d always be with you, I would walk for miles, Just to see your smile. There’s nothing I wont do, To show you I need you, I’d give you the sky, And you would never cry, ‘Cause all I want is you to understand that I love you. Verse 2: I was afraid to let you know, You looked so good, too good for me to be with you. But then I saw your eyes on me, That’s how I knew, I knew I should just take the chance. And there’s nothing I wont do. Chorus x1 Bridge: And this will never end, We’ll be together forever. Time wont let me change, I’ll always be the same for you… There’s nothing I wont do, To show you I love you <b>…</b>

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