Kings of Leon Pyro Guitar Lesson / Cover

This is my lesson/cover of the great song titled Pyro from the Kings of Leon. I’m a huge fan of the band, and you should try to learn this song too! It’s pretty easy, and rewarding! Remember that you’ll want to put the CAPO wherever it fits your voice best. If you don’t have a capo, no worries! You can transcribe the chords like I did, and change which ones you play. This is a great site that allows you to transcribe the chords…there’s a drop down menu. For example, to play with my version – use the drop down at this link and select ‘UP 3 HALF STEPS’. Keep in mind it only transposes the chords, and not the tabs at the top of the page. Here’s the chords for the song as well! =) ALBUM VERSION CHORDS: F# – A – E (mostly) CHORDS FOR LESSON (Capo 4) : Em – C (add9) – G (add9) THE BRIDGE: I didn’t sing over them. Althoug the rest of the song with that Capo position is pretty comfortable for me to sing….that bridge is tough! =) PICK: No I’m not using a pick, but hey feel free to! Right now, this is my favorite style to play music…but I do use picks for different songs and genres! Thanks for watching guys! I’m looking forward to posting more covers and originals. -Dustyn J BrandNewToYou PS: I just posted an original song of mine, and the story behind it. Hopefully if you get a chance you can check it out! It’s titled "In The City".

Source: YouTube

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