Wizards & Warriors II: Ironsword – Title Theme (Metal cover)

Hey there! Here’s another video game metal cover, this time the title theme from Wizards & Warriors II: Ironsword. I’d been thinking of what to cover, when I heard this song, and felt that I just had to make one. I hope you enjoy it! This one only has 4 guitar tracks, so the video split should cover all the guitar parts. I didn’t use my Gibson for this one, partly because I didn’t feel like tuning it down, and partly because frankly, I kinda forgot. Oh well. It’s still my Fina FAC-603CEQ for the acoustic parts and my old Ibanez RG 270DX for the rest. As usual recorded through my POD X3 Live. Cubase for the samples, drums and bass, and recorded and mixed in Sony ACID 5.0. My webcam, however, outright refused to record in anything higher than 15FPS, and I had to record through Logitechs QuickCapture system, so it’s a bit lower quality video this time around. Self-cloning again thanks to Sony Vegas 8.0. This time, the guitars are tuned down to Drop C – that is down one step and then another step for the 6th string: e–d B–A G–F D–C A–G E–C This would have been slightly more enjoying to make if I hadn’t decided to only work on it when I really didn’t actually have the time to, as well as finishing it 8 AM when I have a cold, but then again, you don’t make time for music. Music gives you breaks every now and then. Tabs can be found here: www.drdante.st Download link: privat.bahnhof.se Password: dkjASs8A

Source: YouTube

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