Go tell it on the mountain. Gospel. Acoustic cover

Go tell it on the mountain. Gospel, guitare acoustique cover TAB : www.ultimate-guitar.com Go Tell It One The Mountain (go tell it on the mountain that Jesus Christ was born …) is a gospel music sung by the slaves in the plants in the south of the United States. It was resumed several times by of celebrate singers African-American, notably by Vanessa Williams, the Blind Houseboys… A version Country was recorded by duet Simon & Garfunkel in 1964. The same year, the French singer Mary Laforêt sang "Comes, comes on the mountain, Up there it does so good …", that did nothing but to translate in a manner secular and with more modern words this research of expressed peace in original gospel music. Go Tell It One The Mountain is an autobiographical novel of James Baldwin (1924-1987), published in 1953. The author there denounces racism and injustices done to the African-American community to the United States in the years 1920. This book is considered as one of the literary masterpieces from this time. Go Tell It On The Mountain (Va dire sur la montagne que Jésus-Christ est né …) est un gospel chanté par les esclaves dans les plantations dans le sud des États-Unis. Il a été repris plusieurs fois par de célèbres chanteurs afro-américains, notamment par Vanessa Williams, les Blind Boys… Une version Country a été enregistrée par le duo Simon & Garfunkel en 1964. La même année, la chanteuse française Marie Laforêt chantait « Viens, viens sur la montagne, là-haut il fait si <b>…</b>

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