Joel’s Play Along Tab: “Devil On My Shoulder”

Hey youtube, This video was done as part of a school project that needed to be original and showcase something about ourselves. I figure I like playing guitar, and I’ve not seen any play along tabs online so points for creativity. For those interested, the tab is also available for download at look for the one by Overkill13. And yes, I know I screw up the solo pretty bad but for the most part it’s good. At least good enough that you can learn the song by watching. Enjoy. PS sorry the tab’s so blurry, I swear it looks better on my computer. If you really want it, head over to ultimate guitar. Oh and youtube stuff: I claim no rights to the song playing in the background. The song is by Billy Talent off their 3rd (4th if you count Watoosh) album.

Source: YouTube

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