Un-Gravitify by Crush 40 FAIL Cover

Holy crap, a cover video?! D8 [Yep, I can do more than just draw Sawnik and Animu.] Well, it looks like I finally got around to playing this song. (Sorry the video is so dark…) I haven’t practiced this in a while, so that’s why it fails SO BAD. XD I have yet to learn the solo. I WILL redo this video one day. :S Check Ultimate-Guitar(dot)com for the tabs! My username is Guitar-n00b.. Special thanks to Shadrow0 (here on youtube) for making the MIDI version of this song, or else I wouldn’t be able to tab OR learn it. Guitar: Lyon by Washburn Tuning: D Tuning Pick: Light Gauge Amp: Fullerton Settings: Treble- Max Bass- Max Middle: Zero

Source: YouTube

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