Feeling Good, MUSE – Piano Cover

TWITTER: www.twitter.com I KNOW I KNOW I KNOW!! I SUCK!!!!! This is a piano cover of ‘Feeling Good’. I know,,, I SUCK. But at least,,, piano isn’t my specialty 😀 I’ve learned how to play piano when I was like 9~11 years old. I haven’t played piano AT ALL since then. Since I’m here in California for spring break, and just gave it a try. I taught myself watching the tabs and videos on youtube. I really hope you guys enjoy watching this video as you do for my guitar covers. I recorded the audio with my Motorola Atrix 4G since I didn’t bring my equipment. I then added some reverb and did some EQ on Vegas Pro. The audio you hear is from the video that was taken from the left side. Please!! I mean really!! Enjoy 😀 Cheers!

Source: YouTube

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