Awesome Metallica The Unnamed Feeling Guitar Cover 29722Although it was widely requested I stayed away from this one for so long because I 39 ve never been able to figure out the exact way to play it. I 39 m tuned to drop C but I 39 m not even sure if THAT 39 S right.I 39 ve looked at every tab I could find watched the St. Anger rehearsal DVD watched other peoples 39 covers and still couldn 39 t get it. So this is the best I could do. Everything is pretty close except for the chorus. It 39 s completely wrong but still sounds alright. This may not be exact but it 39 s still better than everyone else 39 s and that 39 s not something you 39 ll hear me say very often.I also like to play St. Anger songs the way they were played either live or on the rehearsal DVD. They 39 re usually different.

Source: YouTube

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