“I’m Made Of Wax, Larry, What Are You Made Of?” – Guitar Cover – A Day To Remember

Haven’t done a cover in a while so i thought I’d just do an easy ADTR song. I’m playing this through my new Peavey Bandit (: Gonna be doing some harder songs from now on, maybe KsE or Parkway Drive or something? I’ll try and get all the ADTR songs off Homesick done too, as well as Rookie of the Year by FFaF. Sorry for the bad lighting as well, the sun was shining straight through my window onto my guitar neck :L if you’re watching this video to learn how to play the song, just find the tab on Ultimate Guitar. Its just the highest rated Guitar Pro tab (: Also, sorry about my messy hair :L Anyway, enjoy and don’t forget to subscribe! (:

Source: YouTube

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